interaktiva checklistor på smartphones och surfplattor

Monitor your shops with the MarketCheck app

The MarketCheck app brings you closer to daily operations in your capacity as a chain manager, allowing you to view all the important elements; making sure that staff are working in compliance with your concept, that campaigns and displays are in place and on time.

You can use our app to view all soft values within your chain and shops as quickly and efficiently as you compile financial indicators.

It also provides your regional managers with a tool they can use for coaching and gives them a natural platform for discussion with your shops. Forget all those old checklists on paper, or in Excel spreadsheets.

Welcome to a modern way of monitoring your shops using smartphones and tables.

Language versions

Use the same checklist, but in different languages. Perfect for companies with operations in several countries.

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Campaign Monitoring

Learn more about our application for smarter and more efficient follow-up of your store promotions.

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Image function

MarketCheck has now integrated an image feature for Checklists and Error Reports.

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New customers

We welcome eight new customers during 2015. Thank you for your confidence in MarketCheck.

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