Leading retail chains are customer ready

Today, over 30 leading retail chains in the Nordic region are using Smart Checklists from MarketCheck – the modern way to quickly find out what needs improving in stores or restaurants.

We spoke to three of them to find out how they experienced the switch to digital checklists.

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”Kjell & Company has always worked with checklists on paper and in Excel, with checkpoints relating to quality, safety and the environment, and issues concerning operation, exposure, and routines for our stores and stock. But we lacked an overview of problem and improvement areas in the chain, and weren’t able to get a clear picture regarding important issues such as overall cleanliness and floor racks.

MarketCheck’s tools have allowed us to make big improvements when it comes to consistency throughout our stores: what is well-stocked, what is OK and what is not. Thanks to the images it creates, we’re able to achieve consistency in a much faster and better way.

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”All results are collected on the same…

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”All results are collected on the same platform hence it has become a whole new and more structured way of working. MarketCheck’s tools are really effective for following up on current promotions and getting a daily overall impression. No one needs to worry any more about to pitch the in-store look. We’re growing and employing new store managers who perhaps haven’t worked for our chain before. MarketCheck is a tool that helps them to understand the workings of our company: what is approved and what is not. We’ve also produced a store manual, which is based on checklist issues. It covers actions to be taken in case of error and all other issues that we’re faced with. It’s also very useful when it comes to training new store managers and employees. The implementation was very successful, with good introduction and training, and this new digital tool has been well received by regional managers and in-store employees. One of the many positive effects has been that store managers now have much more time for issues concerning sales and staff, as this tool has automised issues concerning the actual running of the business. Any errors are picked up much earlier and highlighted in a clearer way: immediately after a check is reported, the system creates a to-do list for the store manager, who then delegates tasks to in-store staff. The changeover to the new system has contributed to consistency within the company and allowed us to understand how to operate the business according to our concept. MarketCheck’s digital checklists have also become an important tool for departments other than Retail. These include HR and Health & Safety, with fire protection and safety checks both in the stores and warehouses.”


“When carrying out store checks, Stadium Sweden used to work in the traditional way, with pen and paper. But we wanted to have an overview of the day-to-day running of our stores, in-store promotions and other important events, so we needed to find a digital solution. We also wanted to improve the customer experience in-store.

With MarketChecks digital tools, all of our stores have raised their level. We have gained greater consistency and the ability to look at things collectively. Hence, we can now always exceed customer expectations. And through quick feedback to the stores, competency levels increase.

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-Another big benefit is that follow-up…

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Another big benefit is that follow-up on promotions has become much faster and easier; from day one of a new promotion, we have an overview of how things look across Sweden and can thus provide quick feedback to the stores. We also see it as a good opportunity to develop employees. Visual sales coaches are no longer required to rewrite their documents when they get home from their visits – everything is already done. This means they have more time for visits and training.”


–We really needed to look into the way we did follow-up in JYSK. We had some predefined questions that district managers had to go through a number of times throughout a year. Typical it was printed on a piece of paper and then the District Manager wrote down his comments. Afterwards the comments needed to be typed into an Excel sheet and sent to the store. But the comments were often unclear, and there were no obvious deadlines and a minimum of follow-up on the given tasks. We conducted over several thousand visits throughout all our stores, but we didn’t really use the data for anything.

–Our old system was clearly outdated and unstructured, and we soon realized the technology Marketcheck provided gave us the possibility to make follow-ups much more simple and efficient. It actually fulfilled the majority of our requirements.

–The new digital tool from MarketCheck has made life more efficient for the District Managers, and much more professional.

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-It has really improved follow-ups with a higher…

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–It has really improved follow-ups with a higher quality of the content (especially the use of pictures), work with deadlines, better transparency of visits that are conducted, transparency in execution rate and with trend reports that can help setting the right focus in a store, district, region or country. –Introducing the new tool went really smooth. We really made a big boom out of the implementation, with a big retail seminar in Bratislava where all Country Managers, Retail Managers and District Managers where gathered. Super users and retail managers had workshops with their own organizations, in their own countrys. District Managers had the same with Store Managers. Since digital follow-ups was such a big step forward for JYSK, the acceptance of something new was already there from day one. –If you are coming from a non-digital solution, then MarketCheck gives you many possibilities. But less is more. So my advice is to start with just a few things and then make bigger changes when you get the hang of it. And make sure to performe many tests before you go live, so you get rid of obstacles and explore the posibilites. Also make a detailed plan for implementation, and align with MarketCheck throughout this process.