On the wish list: A smarter tool for concept and quality monitoring

After many years of working in the grocery and retail trade (including AC Nielsen, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Norsk Hydro), Per Landberg lacked an effective tool for the synchronisation and monitoring of chain stores’ branding. Rather than having lists on paper or in Excel, he wanted to find a smarter way to manage check rounds that would provide quick, daily updates of the company vis-à-vis the customer.

Together with programmer Johan Lindblad, Per started developing an effective platform for managing checklists in mobile phones and tablets. A checklist which, as soon as it’s unticked, can provide valuable statistics, To Do lists, and images from checkpoints – all at the press of a button.

The result was Smart Checklists for concept and quality monitoring, a success that has rapidly become invaluable for retail chains in the Nordic region.

Soon after that, they were joined by Peter Ramberg with in-depth knowledge in marketing and communication (through his work as information manager in the retail sector, among others), and thus, MarketCheck is also customer ready.

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